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School Teachers: Job Security for the 21st Century

if you love children and want a career in which you have the highest potential for job security, consider becoming an elementary or secondary school teacher. You would think that with many baby boomers approaching retirement age and their children reaching middle age, the segment of population using our schools would be getting smaller.
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However, with the expansion of careers in health care, technology, and business fields, the prospect of teaching school is less attractive for many people than it may have been years ago. Thus the need for teachers remains critical in many areas across the country.

If you want to become a teacher, one of the easiest ways to do it today is with an online teaching degree. You can continue your current job, study at your own pace, and even complete your practicum in your own town, regardless of the college from which you are getting your degree.

What are the rewards of teaching school? Of course the obvious answer is that you will be contributing to the development of the minds of people who will be our future leaders. However, let's cut to the chase and look at some reasons that are not so often or so glibly discussed.

Salary: Teaching salaries vary greatly, depending on the area that you work in. Yet, the salary is consistent and dependable. You don't have to worry about being laid off in the middle of the year. Plus, the National Teacher program is still available in many areas and provides additional salary compensation for quality teachers.

Opportunities for Personal Growth: While some schools are now on a year around schedule, most school districts still have summer vacations along with spring and winter breaks. This provides teachers with a much needed break as well as an opportunity to pursue additional education or professional development for themselves. How many other jobs can you find where you have a month or more at a time to do whatever you want?

Advancement and leadership opportunities: Do you want to have a leadership role? As a teacher you can continue taking additional college courses whenever you have the time, ultimately qualifying for a position in administration. You also will have plenty of chances to lead or direct extra curricular activities, organizations, and clubs.

Focus in a discipline of your choice: Many elementary school teachers teach all of the basic courses such as math, social studies, reading, language arts, and other general studies. However, most schools also provide elementary children with classes in music, physical education, art appreciation, foreign language, journalism and more. Additionally, the record numbers of Hispanic students in many areas create a need for people who can teach ESL or English as a Second Language.

Start fulfilling your dream now. Get the career you want with the benefits that contribute to both self fulfillment and to America's future.

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