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PhD Online Education Degrees Available Now!

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If you are employed in education and want to continue your education, you may be pleased to learn that you can enroll in online PhD programs. Whether you want a PhD in Education or a DEd, distance learning at a fully accredited university will equip you to continue your job while working on your doctoral degree.

The best education doctorate for you will be one that allows you to explore the disciplines that most interest you and pursue them at the doctoral level.
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Explore PhD/ Masters degree programs in popular fields:

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While courses in administration and management are to be expected, you will still be able to apply specific interests and abilities to an education Ph.D. For example, if your specialty is English or communications, you will be able to explore the latest developments in language arts education and study the impact of liberal arts programs on education as a whole. If math or business is more appealing to you, you will find ways to manage school districts like businesses, saving money while providing a quality product to the community. Like the MBA, a doctoral degree in education offers a lot of possibilities and a lot of latitude for the imaginative student.

Doctoral Degrees, the wave of the future in education

There was a time when people could teach school with a bachelor's degree followed by regular "continuing education" courses that were usually taken during the summer. Those in administration were the only ones really expected to have a graduate degree, and only those at the very top, such as superintendents, bothered to pursue a doctoral degree. That environment is part of the past. Since a teacher's pay is partially based on the specific degree one has, most teachers have a master's degree at the very least, and it is not uncommon for regular teachers to have doctoral degrees. Thus, to jumpstart your career in administration, it is becoming an expectation that the applicant will have a graduate degree, preferably a doctorate.

Those with doctoral degrees in education are not limited to working in a school system. Often those with a Ph.D. in education teach on the college level—educating future teachers. If salary is your major concern, you will find that the highest salaries are usually given to those who become superintendents or principals in large school districts. Even with a doctorate, only the largest or most prestigious colleges pay 6 figure salaries to college professors. Of course, if you get into the right school, it does happen.

Another possibility for a person with a doctoral degree in education is a job in government where you would have a hand in determining education policy and direction for an entire state or perhaps even on a federal level. These positions are high-powered, high paying jobs usually given only to people with experience who have built a reputation for themselves.

Know the University and the Degree Program

Many online universities offer advanced degrees, but before you enroll in one, check with the state or with the U.S. Department of Education, to verify that it is indeed an accredited program. If your career will require licensure, be sure the degree program is recognized by the bureau that will be awarding your license. Popular fields for online doctoral study are juris doctor (law), public health, criminal justice, psychology/ counseling, education and business with new fields appearing regularly.

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