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Earn Your Degree in Elementary Math Online

children love numbers. As soon as they learn that they can count, they want to make you wait while they count the steps they climb, the number of raisins in their cereal, and the crayons in the box. And who doesn't remember a vacation trip with the family on which the kids each chose a color and tried to see who could spot the largest number of cars on the highway in their color.
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Numbers come naturally to most children, but all too often that innate ability is muted and nearly lost by the time they reach high school and have to pass courses in higher math. You, with your own love for the magic of mathematics can have an immeasurable role in teaching children mathematics. Furthermore, since computers lend themselves so well to mathematical projects and studies, you will find it easy to earn your online masters degree in mathematics.

If you already have a bachelor's degree in nearly anything, you will be able to enroll in an online university offering a master's degree in teaching elementary mathematics. You could earn a degree in mathematics without the elementary teaching focus, but if elementary instruction is your goal, you will find it useful to design your education with that goal in mind. A straightforward degree in mathematics could get you into high school or college education courses, and would also prepare you for a degree in business such as accounting or banking. If you want to teach in an elementary school, however, a teaching degree will be more useful as you will learn how to develop mathematics lesson plans, how to design tests and projects, and how to present a single concept from numerous perspectives.

If you already have a degree, you could earn your masters degree in mathematics in as little as 18 months at some online universities. Financial aid may also be available just as it would be if you were in a traditional campus classroom. Additionally, you will have the same interaction and peer exchange as the campus students. Schools nowadays have developed ways for peer groups to interact and complete group projects to ensure that all students have the same top quality experience. One advantage that campus students don't always have, however, is that you will probably be able to complete your student teaching practicum in a school in your own hometown.

Salary: A teaching salary ranges from the low 30s to as much as $60,000 or $70,000 a year. Each year of experience adds a little to your salary, so the longer you are in the field, the higher your salary will become. First year teachers in many areas make in the low $30s. It is true that teaching is not a "get rich quick" career; however, since teachers will be needed as long as there are children being born, good teachers usually have a higher degree of job security than other businesses. People don't go into teaching with money as the primary objective anyway, but rather as a way to make a difference in society.

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