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If you have recently applied for a job in the nursing field, either entry level or to change jobs, you have probably noticed that nearly all facilities list "RN" as a minimum qualification. Actually, as with all industries, the job advertisement is always for the "ideal" candidate. If the facility can't find an RN willing to take the job, they will oftentimes hire LPNs. However, there is a relatively easy way to made sure that the RN qualification can be included on your resumé.

Most health care careers were once only available with traditional campus attendance complete with clinicals that had to be completed in a hospital near the college. Today, however, it is possible to transition from the LPN (or LVN) to an RN via an LPN to RN online program. There are one or two programs that will allow you to complete your course work at home, take your tests at a state testing center, and complete your clinicals at a hospital near your home.
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If you already have an LPN, you should look for an LPN to RN online bridge program. The advantage of the bridge program is that it recognizes study you have already completed and allows you to take the "next step" without repeating the LPN courses. Most online nursing programs are 4 year programs that culminate in an RN or BSN, and those who want the maximum in qualifications may even opt for the MSN which is the Master of Science in Nursing.

If you already have your LPN, a bridge program will allow you to complete your RN in a relatively short period of time. However, you will have to check out the colleges carefully as many colleges offer online RN degrees but do not recognize an existing LPN.

The search for an Online nursing degree can be challenging as some programs exist through organizations that do not deliver what they have promised. Beware of third party programs that seem to be inexpensive. One nurse with whom we had contact bought into a program that was supposed to provide all the RN courses for a very attractive lump sum fee. After paying the fee and taking the first two courses, she discovered that her fee did not include any of the tests. The tests were an additional $500 each and had to be booked at a state testing center for healthcare professionals. The program for which she had paid non-refundable fees was basically a scam. Don't let that happen to you. Even though you may be doing most of your study at home, the online RN program is not necessarily less expensive than attending campus classes. It is just more convenient for some people.

You can use our convenient website to search for the program that fits your needs. We have worked diligently to find accredited schools that offer RN degrees online. While you must be the one to determine if any particular program fits your needs, at least you have a reliable resource for your search.

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