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Online Degrees in Liberal Arts Studies

What are the Liberal Arts? We're glad you asked!
It wasn't more than a couple of decades ago that Liberal Arts graduates comprised a large number of the graduates at nearly any college. Employers in business, law and industry used to say that they actually preferred to hire people with Liberal Arts degrees because such graduates would be likely to have a solid foundation in a comprehensive range of disciplines. Liberal arts students learn how to communicate, how to understand and analyze relationships, and how to research and solve problems.
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Featured schools providing Liberal Arts degrees:

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Most liberal arts programs include two or more semesters of a foreign language, and also require students to take courses in the sciences and technology. Thus a liberal arts graduate is well suited to pursue advanced degrees in nearly any discipline.

Most people who graduate with a liberal arts degree have a four year Masters or a Bachelors degree rather than Liberal Arts Associates degrees. The four year degree involves declaring a major. This can be done at the beginning of your freshman year, but most liberal arts colleges will allow you to put it off until the junior year, thereby maximizing the core courses during the first two years of study. Your degree will then be a BA (meaning Bachelor of Arts) degree in your preferred career area. You could have a BA in Journalism, Criminal Justice, Music, English & Communications, Travel & Tourism, or nearly anything else you can think of. The same colleges may also offer a BS (Bachelor of Science) degree in the same disciplines. The difference is that the BA degree focuses on language, communication, theory and human relationships while the BS degree tends to emphasize more of the science and math related to the discipline.

Jobs/ locations where you could work with a liberal arts degree include teaching, human resources, libraries, museums, newspapers, social services, counseling, interior design, classical design, game design, and more. Some of these areas would require additional education, but the point is, you can go almost anywhere with a liberal arts degree, and our easy search tool will make it easy for you to locate the best liberal arts colleges offering online degrees.

The salary you can expect with a liberal arts degree is going to depend on your actual career once you graduate. A teacher, for example, is likely to have a higher salary than a librarian. You will need to research the actual profession that you set as your goal to see what the possibilities will be.

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