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The Juris Law degree is a professional doctoral degree designed to train future lawyers. Students often take the Juris doctor in law program as a means of studying for the Bar exams, prior to accepting a position in a law office.

Degrees in law were once the career option of a limited few, those with money and connections who could manage to get into the prestigious law schools or programs. Of course JD is a graduate program, but you can qualify for entry into the program with a bachelor degree in nearly any other discipline.
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Also, you do not necessarily need to plan to use the degree to practice law. Many people with the JD combine the degree with the MBA, with Public Administration degree, or with Management and Finance, just to name a few.

Choosing Schools

The subjects you will study in a quality JD program are the same ones that are emphasized in the bar exam. These include studies in contracts, Constitutional Law, criminal law, tort, and more. The traditional schools are rather expensiveas much as $30,000 per year. When you study in an online law degree program, you may be able to complete the same courses for as little as $5,000 a year. You will want to talk over your intentions with a good advisorone who will be able to give you advice on some possible uses for your degree. The American Bar Associate has been slow in granting accreditation to online JD programs. However, unless you intend to use the degree to be an attorney, you may be able to apply it in other ways without taking a bar exam. If you want the bar exam to your credit, you need to ask if the program is accredited by the ABA. Regardless, a recent experiment conducted in California demonstrated that online programs can turn out students who are just as qualified as campus students.


It seems that there will always be a need for doctors, teachers, lawyers and many executives in America, and since the lawyers have to defend the other two, perhaps the law degree would lead to the most secure field of all. In any case, those who understand the law and how to apply it are needed in every walk of life, from the court room criminal case to the negotiated contracts of a small business. As with any field, your salary will depend on your degree, your experience and on the geographic area in which you work.

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