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two fields of study in today's world that have always been regarded as rather elitist are the field of law and the field of medicine. Medicine may be understandable—after all, how many people want a family doctor who never studied in a college lab or sat through traditional classes.
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The field of law, however, could rightly be considered a different animal. A large portion of a lawyer's time is spent, not in a courtroom, but in a law library researching prior cases. One would think the preparation for such work could be done on line as easily as in a brick and mortar classroom.

Today, after years of successful online classes have enabled countless students to obtain the career they wanted, you can finally earn a law degree online. Online law degrees are available in everything from the paralegal—a person who is an aide to an attorney and performs a great deal of his research, data gathering, and organization—to the full-fledged criminal attorney. You could also study corporate law where you would learn how to protect businesses from law suits while ensuring that they abide by the endless stream of government regulations. If you have an interest in America's youth, you might consider being a child-protection attorney or working in a juvenile system to represent and contribute to the rehabilitation of troubled teens. The possibilities are endless.

Most lawyers have a doctoral degree, referred to as a "juris doctorate." The program to become a juris doctor is every bit as intense as a traditional college course; the programs could never be accredited if they weren't. So if this is the degree you want, prepare to be very dedicated. You will be spending countless hours in libraries poring over books and journals. You will write numerous essays—often referred to as "arguments," and will take classes in both writing and public speaking.

Studying for a law degree could easily take 6 to 8 years because you will not be stopping with a bachelor degree. Graduate work is essential if you want the highest salaries and the most prestigious positions. However, even a small town attorney can command social status and a very respectable salary, often $80,000 at the low end.

Once you have completed your course work and earned your degree, you have one final challenge before you can practice law. You will need to take the BAR exam. You may be able to find additional tools to help you study for this difficult test.

Once you pass the BAR, you have a license to practice law. But be aware that receiving that license is not the end of your studies. It concludes your "formal" education, but the best attorneys are engaged in lifelong reading, studying and writing.

A program of study in law is challenging either online or in a traditional classroom, but if that is where your heart lies, don't let the challenges stop you. Online colleges usually have excellent resource tools, highly skilled professors who are practicing in the career they are teaching, and great opportunities for peer collaboration, something not always as prevalent in a traditional college. Use our website and check out some of the online law programs to see if that is what interests you.

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