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Online Degrees in Hotel and Restaurant Management

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the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the need for career people with degrees in hospitality management will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Those with experience and additional education through advanced training programs can actually make six figures, especially on jobs in metropolitan areas. In a global economy, the hotel & restaurant management colleges must offer a lot more than education on hotel cooking, registering guests, or providing room service.
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Featured schools providing online degree programs:

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Hotel management online schools have an advantage over traditional campus based colleges in that they can employ educators with expertise in the expectations of multiple cultures and can attract students who can bring their own traditions to the online classroom for a creative, informative experience for all.

College Educations bring the Potential of high profile Restaurant/Hotel Careers

According to the Directory of Schools, having a college education is becoming increasingly important for those wanting a career in hotel and restaurant management. The person who manages a high profile restaurant or hotel, complete with conference rooms, internet access, catering capability of large groups, and guest perks such as gift shops, swimming pools, massage parlors, and more are actually bringing the hotel complex of the early 1900s into the 21st century but with the addition of the conveniences made possible by technology and with the broader social spectrum of guests. In fact, even the simpler roadside motels are now expected to have wireless internet, free phone and television, swimming pools and continental breakfast at least. That requires the motel manager to be practically a jack of all trades or at least to have a hotel staff that can meet all the needs of the establishment.

Hotels and lodging vary from time share resorts to campgrounds. Larger hotels may have car rental service and airport shuttle services. Resorts have not only the lodging itself but usually offer exercise rooms, restaurants on site, group activities, and area tourism services. Of course, for those who want something simpler, the economy lodgethe motel without restaurants, gift shops or meeting roomsis still available, cheaper to build and operate, and is often in demand by people working in construction or other jobs that require them to stay in an area away from home for an extended time period. These lodgings are not expected to have all the perks of the fancy hotels, but are expected to offer services at a discount price, while providing clean facilities and communication capabilities such as internet and phone service.

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