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French Language

College Education Online: French Language Resources

As students of the language know, learning French as a second or third language can at times seem a daunting task. Luckily, the Internet can aid students in learning French with a sea of information and helpful guides and lessons. On the other hand, teachers have to create or find interesting and engaging French lesson plans to complement their curriculum. In this article, you will find some fantastic links to French language education and resources organized in various categories for both students and teachers. In "Resources and Exercises for Students," you will find online lessons and resources to help you improve your overall French understanding and skills. In "Resources for Teachers," you will find lesson plans, activities, worksheets, and other resources. Since you are learning French, it is imperative that you learn some facts and history about the country and you will find much of this information in "Sites about France." In "French Culture and News," there will be links to help you understand the French people on a deeper level. Finally, "French in Canada" will focus on the French culture and language in Canada and how it is both similar and different than in France. continued below...

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Resources and Exercises for Students

Resources for Teachers

Sites about France

French Culture and News

French in Canada