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Computer Programming Online Degree Courses


n early every business in the 21st century depends on computers for some aspect of its functions. Doctors and pharmacists are expected to track patient records through online systems; school districts use complex programs for analyzing student progress, helping students locate colleges, and determining which students may need additional help; businesses of all kinds use computers for tracking their financial operations, making payroll, keeping track of inventory, communicating around the globe, and devising competitive advertisement. In the entertainment arena, gamers count on a continuous stream of new gaming challenges, and photographers and journalists require the most up-to-date computer software for eye-catching pictures and on the spot reporting.
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Indeed, there is almost nothing in our lives that does not make use of a computer at some point.

If you enjoy the challenges and the sometimes solitary lifestyle of creating new computer programs, computer programming online classes may be the solution to your educational needs. You should be the type of person who is very observant of small details and who is ready to learn the computer languages of whatever application you would like to work with. For example, the familiar HTML is the primary language used to create internet documents; Visual Basic is the programming language for Windows based programs, and C and C++ are for Object-oriented analysis programs. For data storage systems, you might need to learn Oracle and for Interactive programs, you may want Java Script or one of several others.

One of the attractive aspects of computer programming online classes is that you will have instructors who appreciate the creative element of computer programming. Once you learn the language for the type of system you are working with, you will most likely have the freedom to create brand new programs that do things other people haven't already thought of. Yet, you will also learn how to make your programs user friendly and appropriate for the type of customer who might purchase them in the future. You would not be the first to develop a program in college that makes you rich in later life when multiple businesses want copies of your creation.

The salary for computer programmers varies widely. If you work for the government, you may arrive at a six figure income rather quickly. If you work for a public school district, your salary will depend on how much importance the school administrators place on having a programmer who can keep their systems running smoothly. In the gaming and advertising fields, you will find that competition is severe and those with the most creative ideas with the greatest appeal for the customer will be the ones to quickly command the highest salaries. In general, however, a computer programmer with a few years of experience makes an average of $70,000 a year with those in government, manufacturing and the finance industries making the highest salaries.

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