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Within ten years, Computer Science degree jobs would have expanded by 30 percent, varying only by specialty. It's small wonder, therefore, that most college graduates now hold a degree related to computer science. Once they receive their diplomas and certifications, these graduates have the option to work either as an employee in a company or as a freelance worker for various entrepreneurs and small business owners. Furthermore, the levels of compensation as well as the opportunities for professional growth continue to attract many students and professionals to jobs in the computer science industry.
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Before pursuing a collegiate degree in Computer Science, as a freshman student you should learn all you can about the prospects of a Computer Science graduate. The field of Computer Science covers a wide range of specialties, which intersect with other disciplines, such as Mathematics, Engineering, Chemistry, Education, Arts, and Business. If you decide to focus on information systems as they are applied in the manufacturing industry, then you should take a mixture of engineering, business, and computer science courses to complete your education. In the following links, the most recent data available regarding computer science careers and other related career paths have been gathered for the use of university students.

From a brief overview of the field of Computer Science, we move on to focus on details regarding the course requirements of Computer Science. Most students look towards the employment prospects in earning a degree in Computer Science, Information Management, Information Technology, or any other related courses. They feel more secure knowing they have a job to land on once they graduate. All of them would love to know what skills and knowledge are required of a Computer Science graduate, or the types of certifications to get to build a strong resume. Students usually pursue a specialty of their choice within the last year of college when they take internship jobs to gain first-hand experience.

Every university introduces each of their popular degree offerings in various ways. Usually, a list of the knowledge and skills required for a prodigious career in Computer Science is at hand. Next, students read a brief description of career prospects for a graduate of Computer Science as well as the job outlook for the graduates. Lastly, university career centers provide their graduates with a list of companies that currently have job ads or a list of websites that help job seekers. For additional help, career counselors provide guidance to graduates not only with their job prospects, but also the techniques in job hunting, such as writing a professional resume, dressing up for interviews, and answering major IT questions during interviews.

As a way of introduction, university websites provide freshmen and graduate school students with a brief overview of possible applications of computer science in various industries. Not all computer science graduates land jobs in software development or Internet start-ups. Many of them take the path towards education and work as computer instructors, or as research assistants working with scientists and engineers. Others pursue jobs that mix two or more disciplines, such as graphics design (art and computers) or bioinformatics (biology and computers).

Aside from university sites, Computer Science graduates can also seek information from government and job search websites. Job ads usually provide detailed information on the types of credentials and certifications required for the position. Most job postings also include a list of preferred skills, personality traits, and level of experience for that type of job. Instead of limiting themselves to corporate careers, Computer Science graduates have the option to become freelance workers, and engage in contractual work per project.

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