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Online Bachelors Degree Programs: Earn a Less Expensive Education

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if you have just graduated high school, or perhaps have lost your job and have decided to pursue a college education, you may discover that your financial aid and personal resources will go further if you check out the possibility of earning your bachelor's degree online. College programs include certificate programs, associate degrees, bachelor degrees and graduate degrees, the latter including Master and Doctoral degrees.
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Featured schools offering a Bachelors via Online Study:

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If you want technical training leading to a particular license, such as Cosmetology, Paralegal, Electrical technician, welding, graphic design, and others, you may be able to focus almost entirely on major courses and earn a certificate in one of these areas.

Many career fields, such as hospitality, nursing, business administration, accounting, pharmacy technician, computer science, and teacher's assistant will have job opportunities if you have an associate degree. Then you can take advantage of employer benefits and your own paycheck to complete the bachelor's degree. In some fields, you can do very little without the four year degree. This degree could be either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts degree. Some popular degree programs are the Bachelors degree in Psychology, an online bachelor's degree in education, Criminal Justice, the Bachelor's degree in Accounting, and the BS of Information Technology–often referred to simply as IT. Other fields that require a four year degree include engineering, human resources and teaching elementary education. Certain courses will still require either a limited time on an actual campus or a practicum which you may be able to complete in your own area. The nursing bachelors degree is a good example. You can complete all the courses on line, but will need to arrange for your clinical at a local clinic or hospital. Many programs, nursing included, also require some sort of state boards or certification exam in order for you to receive your license.

Online study has some unique advantages for those with the discipline to complete the course requirements without supervision. You can study on your own time, and courses can be completed at your own speed. Instead of taking five courses at a time and needing a full semester to do so, you might complete two courses in about 6 weeks, and immediately begin the next courses. You will not need to sit in a classroom, but you will still have contact with your instructor and your peers. You will also have full access to extensive online library resources. You will even be eligible for financial aid and will have financial aid advisors to help you get the help you need.

For some, online study may not be a good thing. No one will take attendance or hold you accountable for not completing an assignment by a particular date. However, you will be expected to complete the program within a certain time frame, subject to some flexibility for your own needs. With no one to "report to," you will need to have your own sense of discipline. With focus and determination, however, you are likely to find your bachelor degree study a very rewarding experience.

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