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Our website is dedicated to helping you find reputable colleges and universities that offer their educational programs through online study. Although we are not affiliated with the schools themselves, we make a sincere effort to locate programs that will lead to a degree that will be just as valuable as if you had earned it at the campus location.

You will find that this site contains information on nearly any type of degree program. You may be seeking only a certificate to enhance your value to your current employer. You may be just starting your college education and want either an associate or bachelor degree, but want to earn it at less expense than that incurred when you stay in a college dorm. Or you may already have a degree, but want to expand your knowledge and skills, or perhaps even change careers. Regardless of your situation, you will find that our site is a treasure trove of information to be used in helping locate exactly the program you need.

In addition to information and links to numerous schools, you will also find information about student loans, salaries for various careers, and current developments related to some of the most popular programs. Use our convenient "request information form" to receive personal contact and information from the college of your choice. The service is completely free and your personal information is safe. We do not sell the names of our clients to other organizations. You are here to find an online education program, and that is exactly what we will assist you with.

Bear in mind that we are not endorsing any particular school, but are simply providing you with the names of colleges that have creditable degree and certificate programs, and that offer their education online. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to contact us with any technical questions or if you would like to comment on the usefulness of our site.

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