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LSS Certification Training

t here are a number of terrific online colleges and institutions that provide LSS training, as a part of their curriculum. Six sigma online training is in high demand, but thankfully, the tuition is usually quite affordable. You will find that the certificates are given at different levels of accomplishment. LSS utilizes martial arts language, i.e. yellow belt, green belt and black belt.
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A green belt can be earned in as little as two week's time, while the black belt typically takes a year to attain. Either way, you can feel confident that you are arming yourself with tools for success! A green belt can be earned in as little as two week's time, while the black belt typically takes a year to attain. Either way, you can feel confident that you are arming yourself with tools for success!

A Defining Look at Lean Six Sigma (LSS)

Lean and Six Sigma are two unique and proven methods for enhancing manufacturing quality and productivity. Lean Six Sigma reflects the merging of these two methodologies. In fact, a series of principles comprises the philosophy behind LSS. "Delight your customers with speed and quality" is the very first principle. "Improve process flow and speed" is the second and it emphasizes the important point that excellence and speed are directly correlated. Dating back to the 1980's, these disciplines have been embraced by a number of manufacturing companies, as well as several branches of the U.S. military!

Six Sigma

Six Sigma focuses on the methodology of quality control. Its goal is to virtually eliminate any and all defects that may crop up, along the production process. Most companies operate at three sigmas; however, six sigmas are believed to be closest to perfection. That is why employees with six sigma certification are so highly valued!


The other part of the equation is Lean. Lean is a method for improving upon the speed of any given process. Lean Six Sigma embraces the principles of both methodologies. The result is a process that is virtually free of defects (aka quality control) and is time optimized.


A data driven methodology, Lean Six Sigma can help any company improve their processes. Lean Six Sigma can be applied to financial firms managing their accounts or to manufacturing plants focusing on assembling parts. The key is starting at the very beginning of each process (whatever it may be) and following it through step by step. Detailed notes are made of all the steps taken for each specific process, i.e. time used and the number of movements made by the personnel for a given task. Once all data has been analyzed, solutions for areas of waste and likely mistakes are identified. The result is a much smoother and more efficient process for everyone!

The Benefits of LSS Certification

Earning your LSS Certification will immediately make you a more attractive candidate to any of the many companies in the U.S. that currently utilize this valuable methodology. If you have your eye on a management position, then LSS is an important consideration! You will gain a true understanding of how discipline, speed and excellence all go together hand in hand; presenting you with an opportunity to speak the new "managerial" language during your initial interview. What a great advantage over your peers without this training!

Are the principles of LSS primarily focused on management?

It may appear that way at first glance, but in fact Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that can prove valuable to any employee. Remember, its purpose is to help improve the overall performance of any given process. The results yield a process that is not only better for the company, but also for the individual employee working day to day. Even if your goals do not include a life in management; LSS is still an important tool! The understanding and practical application of LSS will enhance your overall value to an employer.

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