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law student

All the tools on one site to help you find your best college!

Here you will discover highlights of some of the most popular degree programs and the universities that offer them. Much like any traditional accredited school, you will be able to apply for financial aid, obtain advice for the program you want, register for classes, and earn your degree. The big difference? You won't have to attend classes at a campus too far away from home for you to continue your job or support your family.

Browse Online Degrees by Level:


– Generally, a 2 year program/ 60 semester credit hours

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– Generally, a 4 year program/ 120 semester credit hours View Page

Master's/ MBA

– Completion of at least one year of study beyond a bachelor's

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PhD/ Doctorate

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– Highest degree awarded by a graduate school

Financial Aid:

An online education does not mean sacrificing financial assistance. Many online schools can assist you in locating the appropriate financial aid. One major advantage of working while you study is that many employers participate in reimbursement funding. However, but the usual TAP and PELL grants along many other methods of funding are also available. If you truly want your degree, funding can often be found.